Download Pokemon Ultra sun and Pokemon Ultra moon for Android APK

Developed by the Game Freak, the Pokemon Ultra moon and Pokemon Ultra sun are video games in the role playing genre which has been published by the Pokemon company. The game is available for PS4, MS Windows, Nintendo 3DS and other android devices across the world. Both these games are available in the single and multi player modes and can be played in both ultra and moral story line.


Set against a backdrop that closely resembles the landscape of Hawaii, the game has quite a few characters from the Pokemon series. The storyline of the game flows along with the Hawaii region forming different characters and forms of Pokemon as it evolves. What makes this version clearly unique is the presence of the legendary Pokemon, known as the Necrozma or Dusk Mane or Dawn wings Necrozma.

pokemon sun and moon game download for android free

Unlike the previous versions Pokemon sun and the Pokemon moon, this game also features three new beasts, also referred to as the ultra beasts namely the Ultra beast adhesive, Ultra beast beast and Ultra Beast assembly. Basically you have more variety to play with.

pokemon sun and moon apk

The addition of the legendary Pokemon has further enhanced the version making gaming more enjoyable. The player can furthermore surf across the seas of the region which is yet another cool feature added to this game. There is also the Alola photo club where you can take multiple pictures with different Pokemon and in multiple poses too. Download the Pokemon Ultra moon and the Pokemon ultra sun for Android today and enjoy the latest Pokemon characters in play.


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    Appreciate the job. Game working flawlessly

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    Love the game.
    Really I enjoy playing the game on my phone.
    Thanks for giving a great APK.

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