Download The Crew 2 for Android (APK)

Ivory tower developed this racing based simulation video game, which was published by the Ubisoft company for the Android and iOS based devices. It can now be played on multiple Android devices including the latest Android Oreo and more. The earlier release of this game was first compatible across devices like Xbox one, PS 4 and MS windows and now it has been made compatible to play across different Android models as well. The game can now be played on Samsung, Google Pixel, HTC and One Plus series among others. The Crew 2 is the sequel to the video game The Crew, which was released in the year 2014, when it was awarded for being the best video game in the genre for racing. The game has therefore been made available now for all platforms including the Android.

Download The Crew 2 for Android (APK)

The game follows an open world simulation like its previous version and has many more interesting cars to be unlocked along with many interesting features. The features include free roaming when you are offline across the United States. The game also allows the player to now take control of the multiple vehicles in the game including boats, cars, planes and of course the motorcycles. You will find four hub words in this game, each of which having a different theme, viz. street racing, freestyle, pro racing and of course the off-road racing.

The player is given absolute control over the vehicles and each of the vehicles has a distinctive game play and distinct control. So you will find that the cars, planes, boats and motorbikes, each have a different game play. You can also now easily switch between vehicles without much hassle and do so in an instant. This has further improved the excitement levels on the game play considerably. You can both control the air or the land or the water and switch between them instantly.

There is also an offline player mode where you can play this game with your friends. And if you want to connect to players across the world, then you can do so as well using the co-op multiplayer mode available in the game. On the offline mode, you also have the option to choose free racing, time trial and career mode which you can play in.

If you are looking to download this game, you can simply visit the and download the same. You have to complete a human verification step before installing the game though. Once installed you can indulge yourself in the world of racing like never before.

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