Get Fortnite Android APK invitation code

Ready for play in various Android platform based devices like HTC series, Huawei series, Google Pixel series, One plus series and Samsung series, the Fortnite Android APK is among the most played video games in the world. The game was originally released for platforms like Xbox one, Play station and MS Windows but the recent release of the same for the Android platform has delighted many gamers.

Fortnite Android APK invitation code

A survival based video game, the Fortnite Android APK has been developed by the Epic Games, and it offers you the chance to join hands with players from other places. People Can Fly is the publisher of this game and is now available for the Android users provided you have the invitation code. What you need to know though is that this invitation code is not freely distributed to everyone with an Android device. But rather it is selectively done and hence there is quite a lot of search for these invitation codes online.

Fortnite Android APK

If you want to get your hands on the invitation code for Fortnite Android APK, then you have to first download and install Fortnite Battle Royale onto your device.  Once done, simply use the “invitation code” tab and complete a human verification that you are human. You will receive an email with the invitation code which you can then use for the game.

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